MADLICK – Techno Pop, Experimental Rap and Acid Hi- NRG

MADLICK is an Acid dance duo from Berlin, Founded by Jiga and Eva.
In their Live show they use Drum pad, Bass guitar, Analog synthesizers, Vocals & music toys.
Jiga played bass for metal bands.
Wanting be more than a bassist, she bought a $50 synthesizer and a computer and began producing on her own.
She formed the band “Analog Pussy” and played all around the world.
 Jiga Madlick
Eva, a visual artist who exhibits worldwide from Tokyo to NYC, is a self-taught musician.
She plays a drum machine, Electric Guitar, uses old Analog synths and her voice.
Together they formed MADLICK. They write, produce and master their songs.
Eva madlick
Recent highlights:
* Jun 2014 – Live show at Fusion Festival (70.000 people).
* Mar 2014 – Guest star performance on Serbian TV show “X-Factor” in front of 20.000 people.
* Feb 2014 – Composed music for Teddy award winner “Pierrot Lunaire” by Bruce LaBruce.
* Feb 2014 – Performed at the Teddy awards grand opening night
* Jan 2014 – Participated at MusicMakers HackLab, CTM Festival Berlin
* Nov 2013 – Opened Interfilm festival at the Volksbuehne Berlin
* Aug 2013 –  German FAZ listed a MadLick song as a top ten summer hit.
* May 2013 – collaborated with singer Peaches & recorded her in our studio.
* Feb 2013 – MadLick opened Yoko Ono’s concert at the Volksbühne.