MADLICK – Opening tour with Peaches


MADLICK – Live show Trailer 2015



MADLICK – Techno Pop, Experimental Rap and Acid Hi- NRG

MADLICK is an electronic music duo from Berlin, Founded by Jiga and Eva.

In their Live show they use Analog synthesizers, Bass guitar, Drum pad and Vocals.


Jiga played bass for metal bands. Wanting be more than a bassist,

she bought a $50 synthesizer and a computer and began producing on her own.
She formed the band “Analog Pussy” and played all around the world.

 Jiga Madlick

Eva, a visual artist, her works have been exhibited worldwide

from Tokyo to NYC, is a self-taught musician and producer.

She plays a drum machine, uses old Analog synths and her voice.

Together they formed MADLICK. They write, produce and master their songs.


Eva madlick
* Nov 2015 – TUNE IN Tel Aviv Festival.
* Jan 2015 – Live show and Interview at Dommune Tokyo.
* Jun 2014 – Live show at Fusion Festival (70.000 people).
* Mar 2014 – Guest star performance on Serbian TV show “X-Factor” in front of 20.000 people.
* Feb 2014 – Composed music for Teddy award winner “Pierrot Lunaire” by Bruce LaBruce.
* Feb 2014 – Performed at the Teddy awards grand opening night
* Jan 2014 – Participated at MusicMakers HackLab, CTM Festival Berlin
* Nov 2013 – Opened Interfilm festival at the Volksbuehne Berlin
* Aug 2013 –  German FAZ listed a MadLick song as a top ten summer hit.
* May 2013 – collaborated with singer Peaches & recorded her in our studio.
* Feb 2013 – MadLick opened Yoko Ono’s concert at the Volksbühne.